CAREER: Exploring Creative Expression Through Music and Audio Technology

Youngmoo Kim
Music contributes substantially to every culture on Earth, and the enjoyment of music is universal. Historically, the primary exposure to music has been through live performance, providing audiences an opportunity for interaction with the musicians and music, but today the vast majority of music is experienced through recordings. And though recent digital audio technologies have had a tremendous impact on the world of recorded music, its fundamental nature remains unchanged: once a recording is made, that single performance is forever fixed, preventing any true interaction with the listener. The activities of this NSF CAREER award integrate research in digital audio technology with educational activities under a common vision of transforming the act of listening to “recorded” music into an interactive experience in which the “performance” responds to the creative input of the listener. This project also supports the Summer Music Technology (SMT) high school outreach program, which uses music technology to attract students to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by demonstrating the contributions of these disciplines to modern music production as well as the creativity inherent within STEM and related fields.