Using Learning Trajectories to Unpack and Interpret the Common Core Math Standards

Alan Maloney, North Carolina State University
Learning trajectories/progressions are intended to underpin the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM). “unpacks” the CCSSM into learning trajectories, supporting practitioners in interpreting and implementing the CCSSM. Key elements are used, including: student strategies, misconceptions, and inscriptions; underlying cognitive principles, representations and models; emergent distinctions; and bridging standards. This session reviews the context of the CCSSM, and introduces the genesis and structure of the resources, including a detailed introduction to a sample learning trajectory.

About the Presenter:
Alan Maloney, Senior Research Fellow, Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, North Carolina State University
Maloney is extension associate professor of mathematics education, and senior research fellow at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. His research endeavors include research synthesis and development of rational-number-reasoning learning trajectories and innovative technology for diagnostic assessments. He currently heads the Turnonccmath project, which is developing resources based on learning trajectories that link research in student learning to instructional practice and which can be used in professional development programs to support practitioner interpretation and implementation of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Maloney is co-designer of several software applications for mathematics learning (FunctionProbe, Graphs n Glyphs, and Interactive Diagrams for Precalculus), and of LPPSync, a prototype diagnostic assessment system for wireless networked devices for use in grades K–8. He is editor of a forthcoming volume on mathematics learning trajectories, and he participated in writing the North Carolina state math standards based on a learning trajectory framework. Maloney received his doctorate in Biological Sciences from Stanford University.