Keisha Scarlett

Principal, Seattle Public Schools

Keisha Scarlett is a principal in the Seattle Public Schools, and she has also been a middle school mathematics, science and technology teacher. Prior to becoming a school administrator, she was a mentor for Seattle School’s novice secondary mathematics and science teachers and a middle school mathematics coach. She received her master's degree in education from Heritage University and her administration credentials from University of Washington. Scarlett has had the opportunity to receive professional development training from National Urban Alliance consultants in an ongoing project with the Seattle Schools Literacy Initiative. She facilitates mathematics professional development for teachers and administrators, including Secondary Lenses on Learning: Team Leadership for Mathematics in Middle and High Schools. Scarlett is a representative of the NSF-funded project, Lenses on Learning: Research-Based Mathematics Professional Development for K–12 Principals, Teacher Leaders, and District Leaders.

Lenses on Learning: Research-Based Mathematics Professional Development for Instructional Leaders
The NRC report, Successful K–12 STEM Education: Identifying Effective Approaches in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics recommends that schools and districts provide professional development for instructional leaders that will support their efforts to create school conditions conducive to STEM learning. The Lenses on Learning professional development materials support K–12 principals, teacher leaders, and district leaders to develop their instructional leadership for mathematics by focusing on issues of equity, assessment, data use, and support of high-quality mathematics instruction in schools. Read more