Erin Fitzgerald

Senior Professional Development/Curriculum Associate, Museum of Science

Erin Fitzgerald is a senior professional development/curriculum associate on the Engineering is Elementary (EiE) Professional Development team. She received her SB from MIT where she studied mechanical engineering and literature, and received her M.Ed. from Marquette University in educational policy and leadership with a focus in secondary math education. Prior to joining EiE, Erin was a corps member in Teach for America. While at Teach for America, she taught high school math in Milwaukee, WI, in both the public and private school systems and led trainings for first- and second-year Milwaukee math teachers. Fitzgerald is a representative of the NSF-funded project, Engineering is Elementary: Engineering and Technology Lessons for Children.

Engineering is Elementary

Children are born engineers—they are fascinated with building, with taking things apart, and with how things work. However, K-12 educational settings have traditionally done little to develop children’s engineering and technological literacy. The Engineering is Elementary (EiE) project fosters engineering and technological literacy among elementary school students and educators. EiE has created a research-based, standards-driven, and classroom-tested curriculum that integrates engineering and technology concepts and skills with elementary science topics. EiE lessons not only promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning in grades 1-5, but also connect with literacy and social studies. To date, EiE has reached over 2.7 million students and 32,000 teachers and is presently used in all fifty states. Read more