Deeply Digital Student Engagement and STEM Learning with Models and Probes

Chad Dorsey, The Concord Consortium
This session presents a wide variety of free, research- and technology-based tools and curricula created by The Concord Consortium and demonstrates how teachers can use them to actively engage students in core STEM concepts and practices. Examples range across the sciences from physical sciences to chemistry, genetics, evolution, Earth science, and engineering, and include hands-on participation opportunities.

About the Presenter:
Chad Dorsey, President and CEO, The Concord Consortium
Chad Dorsey is president and CEO of The Concord Consortium. Chad’s professional experience ranges across the fields of science, education, and technology. Prior to joining The Concord Consortium, Chad led teacher professional development workshops as a member of the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance. There he developed technology-embedded assessments, analyzed Web-based phenomena and representations for an online library, and co-authored an NSTA Press book of science formative assessment probes. Dorsey has also taught science in classrooms from middle schools through college, and has guided educational reform efforts at the district-wide and whole-school levels. Dorsey holds a BA in Physics from St. Olaf College and an MA in Physics from the University of Oregon.