Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are organized into three strands that will be repeated in the morning and afternoon*:

  • Strand 1: Effective Instruction
  • Strand 2: Equal Access to Quality STEM Experiences
  • Strand 3: Supportive Infrastructure for STEM

Learning Format: Each strand will feature four unique presentations of programs or resources that relate to the strand’s theme and address the NRC report’s recommendations. Strand participants will be divided into four subgroups. Following an introduction by an NSF program officer, the four presenters will rotate through each subgroup, repeating their presentation and facilitating discussion for each group of participants. This round-robin approach will allow participants to hear each presentation and engage in small-group discussions around issues of implementation and application, approaches to challenges, and lessons learned. *Teams might consider dividing their members into the different strands. The morning and afternoon sessions will feature identical presentations to allow individuals to attend more than one strand.