The GLOBE California Academy Program: Strengthening College and Career Readiness in STEM by Leveraging School Structure and Student Aspirations

Svetlana Darche, WestEd
In this session, the GLOBE California Academy Program (CAP) will be discussed through the lens of “college and career readiness.” The session will emphasize the steps along an outcomes-based experiential career development continuum for GLOBE CAP students. Participants will leave with a framework, as well as tools to support college readiness and career readiness (from career awareness to full career preparation) that can be implemented in any STEM program.

About the Presenter:
Svetlana Darche, Senior Research Associate and Director of Career Education, WestEd
Svetlana Darche is partnering with WestEd STEM staff and the Career Academy Support Network at the University of California, Berkeley, to implement an NSF ITEST-funded STEM program, embedding GLOBE into “green academies” in California. She also focuses on college and career readiness through policy work, assessment projects, and direct support to schools. Her primary research interest is in work-based learning—hands-on learning that has purpose beyond the classroom. Darche began her career at the U.S. General Accounting Office. She has extensive experience in evaluation, strategic planning, program design, and the building of cross-sectoral collaborations for system change and program improvement. She worked closely with the California Department of Education and the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office in developing California’s State Plan for Career Technical Education and co-directed a state feasibility study on expanding “Linked Learning.” Darche completed a statewide study on opportunities and models for expanding work-based learning in California. She also collaborates with the Career Academy Support Network, the National Academy Foundation, and ConnectEd in defining and measuring college and career readiness, and shaping strategies to promote student engagement and success. Darche has provided career development services in private practice, and has worked extensively with immigrant populations. She currently serves on the California Community College Chancellor's State Advisory Committee on Work-based Learning and Employment Services. Darche received a BA in Anthropology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she was awarded Phi Beta Kappa. She also holds an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management where she concentrated on the public/not-for-profit sector.