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New STEM Smart Brief!

STEM Smart's newest brief is on teaching and learning under the Next Generation Science Standards:

Teaching and Learning Under the Next Generation Science Standards

Download the full brief

Updated Resources

Updates submitted by featured projects and programs have been added to our resource pages:

Science doodle

Plenary Recordings from the MA STEM Smart Workshop now Available

Recordings of MA STEM Smart workshop plenaries have been posted to the event agenda page. Click on the video icon next to the plenary title to watch the videos.

Also, check out our #Storify, which captures the live tweets (#nsfstem) from the day of the event.

Powerpoints from MA STEM Smart Workshop posted!

Links to the MA STEM Smart powerpoints have been added to the online agenda:

Unlocking the Mathematical Gate: Pathways to and Through College Mathematics

New Tech Network

File Upload

National Resource Center for Materials Technology Education

Health IT Entry Certification: A Rapid Growth Industry Beckons New Talent