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STEM Smart: Lessons Learned from Successful Schools

Pacific Science Center
Seattle, WA
February 28, 2012

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Successful K-12 STEM Education report

Monitoring Progress Toward Successful K-12 STEM Education

The National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored the first of a series of one-day regional workshops to promote dialogue about the 2011 National Resource Council report: Identifying Highly Successful Schools or Programs for K-12 STEM Education.  Designed with plenaries, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities, this NSF-supported workshop brought together educators from formal and informal education across all grade levels and higher education. Participants included STEM leaders, policy-makers, and representatives from business and funding communities. Attendees learned about the findings, implications, and recommendations of the report, and promising practices and resources relevant to effective STEM schools and programs. Participation by teams was encouraged. This workshop was co-hosted by Pacific Science Center, Washington State LASER and EDC.